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Larp: Into The Void


Matt Schillinger, Caren Linn (BYOV) The Colonial Space Vessel Aeschylus approaches its trajectory to view the Ganymede Alignment, a cosmic event occurring every 127 years. No one knows what will happen, and fewer expect any to survive. 10,027 A.D.

The Colonial Space Vessel Aeschylus has completed it’s latest jump through VoidSpace and now approaches it's trajectory for a viewing of the Ganymede Alignment, a rare cosmic event that occurs every 127 years. Some paid for passage to see it. Others are just doing their jobs. But the ship manifest doesn’t add up. Are there stowaways? How will recent mission failures affect the crew and passengers? No one expects what will happen, and fewer expect any of them will survive.

A mind bending horror inspired by tales like Event Horizon, Call of Cthulhu, Pandorum, and Warhammer 40K."

24-player maximum