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Larp: I Don't Get It


I Don’t Get It by Quinn D

Scenarios can be a powerful format in understanding others perspectives and experiences in life. This journey through emotions is a chance to explore common asexual experiences in a safe way while growing understanding.

I Don’t Get It is a scenario exploring parts of asexual experience through emotional analogies. It focuses on conveying feelings to help participants relate rather than direct logical understanding. Participants will take turns as the soloist in scenes constructed around a number of emotional analogies while others take the part of a chorus supporting it. The scenes will vary, with each connected to common asexual experiences through the use of visual media by asexual creators. By using emotional analogy, participants will not directly play asexual characters.

I Don’t Get It is primarily intended for non-asexual participants but welcomes all. No prior knowledge of asexuality is needed, just an open mind.

Content advisory: This scenario may elicit feelings of aloneness, not being understood, not understanding, self-doubt, brokenness, isolation, pretending, and pressure to conform. One scene will include optional touch of hands and handling play-doh.

Participant advisory: There is some movement between scenes and preparing for scenes, with seating available throughout. Visual media includes comics, animations and video clips, with transcripts available.

4 to 6 players