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Larp: Till the End of the Line


Till the End of the Line by Oscar Biffi

Lu and Dom see each other every single morning. On the first ride of the day, at the first stop of the line, in the first car of the train. After a five-minute journey, Lu gets off the subway. See you tomorrow.

You could set your clock to their meetings, or bet your head on them. The world could end before they changed their routine. It is more than habit, more than tradition. It’s a constant of every possible reality, a pillar of the universe as we know it. What in the world would happen if they ever lost sight of each other?

In Till the End of the Line, the play group is split into two. The players of one group will play different alternate-reality versions of “Protean Lu” and the rest similarly take the role of different alternate-reality versions of “Unchanging Dom.” Through a cycle of fifteen five-minute subway rides, each version of Lu will share their brief commute with a different version of Dom as they work through their personal problems and develop their friendship across many possibilities. Till the End of the Line is intended as an icebreaker to open large events since the bulk of play involves short interactions with only one other person at a time.

Content Advisory: surreal humor, existential crisis, value of friendship.

Participation Advisory: players may sit most of the time, many one-on-one interactions, ambient noise.

2 to 30 players