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Larp: Ill Met by Neon Light


Somewhere in the United States is a diner called the Midnight Star. Maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe you haven’t, but it’s there just the same, the only place for miles open in the strange hours between midnight and dawn, an easy stop off the highway between lives. On a night like tonight, anyone might come through the doors.

At the Midnight Star, strangers are a little more likely to talk, or old friends to bump into each other. Flyers on the bulletin board have a better than usual chance of being seen by the right person; wishes or dreams or hopes or poems get left there as well, as boldly as any poster or tucked away in careful print on the back of a wanted ad. Sometimes, something comes of them too.

You see, everyone comes to the Midnight Star for a reason, though not everyone knows what that reason is when they arrive. Humans or fair folk or ghosts or others altogether find their way here by the whims of serendipity or the strength of their own need. Each carries a kind of magic with them which can coexist -- if only for a little while. They all come to the Midnight Star, where the coffee is good, the servers are quick and accurate, and while not all customers tip in cash, come sunrise no one is left in anyone’s debt.

Tonight is busier than most. Monarchs and musicians, dreamers and dishwashers, seers and salesmen, tricksters and truckers, lovers and liars -- they’re all here. Someone needs an inspiration; someone needs to find forgiveness; someone needs to fill a quota. Everyone needs a cup of coffee.

Mundane goals. Supernatural circumstances.

Ill Met by Neon Light is a game focused on interpersonal interactions, rather than overarching plot or politics. There will be some secrets, and some hard choices around the themes of loss, grief, redemption, and moving forward. All characters will have the potential for strong emotional connections; it is up to the players whether some of those connections are romantic or not.

Each character will have 5-8 pages to read. Information will be distributed via email. Character surveys will be sent at least one month before game; character roles will be cast and sent at least two weeks before game.

Inspirations include: The Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant, Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire, Sandman by Neil Gaiman (though not the chapter in the diner), the Kate Kane series by Alexis Hall, Sister Water by Nancy Willard, “Magic for Beginners” by Kelly Link, certain episodes of the original Twilight Zone, and Night in the Woods.

Content Warnings: This game includes some heavy themes including loss of a close relative or friend, dealing with grief, regret over past action or inaction, estranged family, memory loss, trans themes, and the devil. This game does not include any sexual violence/coercion either in game or character backstory.

20-player maximum