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Larp: The Left Hand


by Katia De Lu and Matthew Baird

Content Warnings: Intense emotions, Seriously Unhealthy Relationships, Gaslighting, Manipulation, Verbal/Emotional Abuse, Financial and Emotional Exploitation, Murder, Suicide, Cults

You are a member of a new-age cult, run by two charismatic leaders. They have invited you, and several of your rivals, to an exclusive event where you must prove your worthiness to become their new Left Hand. Only one will be chosen.

Can you navigate the toxic environment of manipulation, gaslighting, and bitter rivalries to be the chosen one? What inner mysteries of the cult can you discover? And what happened to the last Left Hand, whose place you are vying for?

Notes: – This has nothing to do with Lovecraftian mythos. The intention is for it to be dark and intense, exploring the manipulative tactics of real-world cults. – Two players will be cast as the cult leaders. This will come with a bit of extra reading, but also extra knowledge/power.

7 to 8 players