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Larp: The Death of Rivka


Our universe consists of many overlapping universes and timelines. Every time a person makes a major decision, their soul splits in two or more pieces, with each part following one decision. After death, those pieces all reunite.

Rivka, you have lived a full life. Or rather, many lives. Now, at the time of your death, it is time to return to yourself and reunite with your experiences. Once you have fully rejoined yourself, you may move on: to join with your other selves in another life or to rejoin the cosmic consciousness.

This larp is about choices and how they change us as people, how identities are formed over time, and how one person’s life has many possibilities. In this larp, you will play Rivka, along with other Rivkas who have taken other paths in life. You will interact with each other in the joining space, as well as play out scenes of Rivka’s various lives. Each Rivka will explore a particular theme both within their character and within the scenes. While all players will be playing a pansexual cis female main character, most players will play characters with other genders and sexualities in short prewritten scenes when portraying important people in Rivka’s life.

6 players