Dance of the Dragons
@ 1 p.m.

Run at Intercon T, Warwick RI


The realm of Westeros shakes as the Targaryen King dies, the long peace ripped apart by a clash of Queens. He leaves behind an unprecedented female heir, a castle filled with questions, and a family torn apart by intrigue. As word of the old King’s death spreads at court, pleasantries turn into whispered negotiations, negotiations turn into conspiracies, and conspiracies turn into civil war.

It is a war of green and black roses, being fought with marriage pacts and betrayals, ravens and swords, fire and blood. The dance begins in shadows and courtyards with bribes, whispers, and poison as would-be monarchs stake their claims. If diplomacy should fail, will it take to the skies, to be decided by dragonfire?

Dance of the Dragons blends plots from George R. R. Martin’s short stories of the Targaryen civil war with additional plots taken from England’s War of the Roses - part of the historical inspiration for the Game of Thrones series.

The game will feature great houses both fallen and familiar - from the Velaryons, Reynes, and Hightowers, to the Tyrells and Baratheons - alongside historical personages such as the Kingmaker and his daughters, the Princes in the Tower, and other forces from England's civil wars. It will mix politics and dragon riders, aristocracy and maesters.

This game draws inspiration from works such as The Princess and the Queen (the Greens and the Blacks), The White Queen, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, The Red Queen, The White Princess, A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as the schemes and alliances from England's historical War of the Roses.