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Larp: Ill Met by Moonlight


by elle keen and samantha boston

The Spring Equinox approaches in the realm of the Fae, marking the Spring Queene’s ten thousandth year. High Queene Titania’s firstborn prepares to host the Fae Queenes together for the first time in living memory.

Recently, something deep within the dark forests has begun to grow out of the Spring Court’s control. The Erlking’s greatest Knight, Lord Herne has been devoured by The Shadowes as they slowly encroach on the Spring Court.

Desperate for answers, The Spring Queene has called the most powerful Faeries to her Court. Rumours are whispered even the mysterious Empress Laguna of the Merfae will be in attendance, who hasn’t been seen on land since retreating to the oceans with her kin millennia ago.

The Spring Queene’s power wanes at her most powerful time of year and silence has fallen on Titania’s Court.

A time of celebration becomes a time of mourning as Shadowes threaten to devour the realm.

10 to 15 players