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Larp: Self Reflections

Olivia is a witch whose magic mirror allows her to consult her past and future selves on important life decisions. You’re an Olivia with a choice to make. Hopefully, the other Olivias here will give you the advice you need!
You are Olivia Rose Hargrow--and so are all of the other players in this game. You aren’t the same Olivia Rose Hargrow, of course. You each come from different times in Olivia’s life, and you each have lived different possible lives Olivia could have led, making different choices. Each of you has come to this mirror-world after making a distress call to the Mirror of Elpheta, a mystic artifact passed down in your family for countless generations. You are about to make a huge decision and are calling upon different versions of yourself at varying ages to help you make that decision. You have two hours in the mirror-world, during which you may both advise and learn from your sister-selves. At some point during these two hours, you will perform a Ritual of Choosing, in which you’ll decide how to resolve the dilemma which brought you here. Self-Reflections is a rules-light, role-playing-focused game. The characters are all female, but players of all genders are (of course) welcome and encouraged.