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Larp: Stellar Flame

The year is 2880. Humanity has taken to the stars. Starflight requires brilliant minds with decades of expertise, whereas colonizing foreign planets requires hardy explorers willing to take great risks. Humanity itself has bifurcated into long-lived starstriders and xenophilic ground pounders, the which mix freely with a dozen other races that have allied into a Stellar Concord with the grand project of charting the unknown. They have found much that is worth finding, and some things better left alone… The Good: The Druun. Humanity’s staunchest allies, they are a hardy and jovial species, who are quick to anger at slights to their honor, but also given to intense focus on works of personal craftsmanship. They are roughly the same size and shape as humans, and with genetic modification are even capable of interbreeding. The Bad: The Penumbra Dynasty. On the edge of the galaxy, greedy explores awoke something… different. They are an ancient race who seek to convert every living being to their cult of the Black Capricorn and then slumber eternal. Their technology is horrific and they’ve conquered a dozen independent civilizations already. It is only the efforts of the Stellar Concord that have kept this totalitarian force at bay so far. But who knows for how much longer? The Unknown: The Lurien. Pre-industrial natives on the planet Uriel V. Their planet has significant deposits of starfire crystals, the rare fuel necessary for interstellar travel. As such, the Stellar Navy has dispatched a task force to establish a station in orbit, and negotiate entry to the Concord. But their history contains mysteries that relate to the treasures underneath the surface of Uriel V and that may hold sway over the Concord and the Penumbra both… This is an three-plus hour game with experimental structure. It has casual romance and polyamory as unavoidable themes. It involves a lot of talking about the themes of science fiction - particularly what it means to be human, the imperialism of humanity, and what our dreams of the future say about us. Casting is at the door and consensus based, and will involve reading 5 pages of text at game start. The author will not hesitate to mess with your expectations.
7-player maximum