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Larp: Where the Heart Is

by Janie Agar, Dylan Blanset, and Elisabeth Cohen The legendary lost city of Silashaven has always been an inspiration for your own beloved metropolis; now, trapped underground with friends and strangers, you're about to learn more about Silashaven than you ever expected. How did its mysterious magic affect the people who used it and the society it shaped? If you could bring that magic back to New Silashaven, would you do it? "Where the Heart Is", by Janie Agar, Dylan Blanset, and Elisabeth Cohen, is a game about identity, urban politics, and hard choices. Players will assimilate new information and its implications for their public and personal lives; game-play will entail a combination of policy discussion, relationship negotiation, and private angst. Mechanics are very straightforward. Total advance preparation is less than 15 pages per person, but some additional reading will be necessary during the game itself.
8-player maximum