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Larp: One For All?

by Sarah Judd, Sean McCormack, Asche Whelsky, Rob Wensley The Agreement is a centuries-old democratic conglomerate of alien species from across the known universe with an exploratory Fleet. The Agreement has recently discovered an abandoned ship with what appears to be amazing technology. You are the elite alien crew of the ship sent to explore this abandoned ship. What will you rediscover about technology and yourself as you seek out new worlds? One for All? is a game about the sacrifices one has to make to live in a melting pot, and if those sacrifices are worth it. Characters are all alien members of The Agreement, exploring a ship and making decisions about what to do with the information they learn about. Characters include a sentient planet, a sentient electromagnetic cloud enraped in flames, parasites not unlike cordyceps, psychic moth people, and helpful horrifying abominations. This game was written as part of the MOLW 2019 challenge.
8-player maximum