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Larp: Bottom of the Garden

Fairyland was once a happy, lovely place, but something has gone wrong. The fairies, with King Oberon and Queen Titania, would dance and sing and play with human children. They would host visitors for tea. The Tooth Fairy would show off her lovely necklaces and sell them at craft fairs. And all was well. But now it's gone all emo, with swampland, dead butterflies, and DRAAA-MA! Fairyland kind of sucks. Then came the night when you began your fairy revels--you know, the ones where you listen to grunge rock and thrash your heads around--and the ANGEL showed up. Her speech was brief but angry: "YOU did this! Fairyland has gone to heck because of YOU. FIX IT!!!" Butterflies are rare, now, at the bottom of the garden. Wait? What's that fluttering? Could it be-- No, it's just Moth. And Mustardseed. The Bottom of the Garden is a comic tale set in Fairyland gone wrong. It's a lighthearted take on fixing past mistakes and reclaiming happiness, wherever it can be found. Characters are fairies, mortals, and, um, others known through history, literature and legend.
8 to 20 players