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Larp: Mayfair in the Colonies

“These are the times that try men's souls" -Thomas Paine In the spring of the 1770s, rumors swirl of recent deaths in Boston and the good people of Massachusetts Bay Colony gather to celebrate May Day. Dances around the maypole distract from popular unrest and plots form in secret as all watch the crowning of the new May Queen. Enmity brews among the mixed crowd of royalists, freemasons, Tories, and those hoping to stir the pot of liberty. With the call of revolution echoing in the wind and with tensions growing on each side, the time may be coming for the people of the Colonies to finally decide who they are. Players can expect heavy plot filled with war, love, politics, daring capers, questionable rituals, satirical writings, crackpot Freemason conspiracies, spy networks, and new critical missions emerging throughout a colonial faire.
25-player maximum