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Larp: Art & Artifice

Stage magicians are a highly competitive and incestuous lot. Play a magician, an artificer, a lovely and talented assistant, vaudevillian, quick change artist or someone who's a little bit of each. Featuring historical magicians like Harry and Bess Houdini, The Great Lafayette, John Nevil Maskelyne, Charles Carter, Howard Thurston, Okito, Chung Ling Soo, Servais and Talma LeRoy, Lalla Selbini, and Adelaide Herrmann, among others. The game deals sensitively with the cultural prejudices of the time, while acknowledging that magic is built entirely on appropriation, cultural and otherwise. Set in London, in 1911, just before the celebration of British magic's Golden Jubilee at the celebrated St. George's Hall this game focuses on the historical personalities of the golden age of magic. Themes include theatrical intrigue, personal relationships, trust, and keeping your secrets safe. As a member of a magic company, you must propel your act to the top of the bill for the big magic show, for bragging rights, exposure, and a chance to show your fellow magicians that you are the best that the world has to offer. Visit with the top names in magic artificing, living and dead, to obtain, blueprint, and barter for tricks, apparatus and back stage secrets, as you compete to put together the most spectacular stage show, and keep your company happy long enough to get onstage, despite setbacks, animal mishaps and interpersonal affairs. Many roles in this game can be played by a person of any gender. If you wish to be cast as a specific gender, you can indicate a preference on the casting form. Themes include: Magic Puzzle solving Romance Relationships Betrayal
12 to 20 players