Only Mighty Guests
@ 9 a.m.

Festival of the LARPs, 2008

Brandeis, Waltham, MA, USA

Welcome to the town of Cityville, the town where all the world’s dreams can come true. A shining town where no one needs to worry about the shadowy prospect of being accosted by a criminal; this is due to the world’s greatest super hero, Super Special Awesome Man, who has turned the town into a shining gem, that whole of the world may envy.

That was until, an unstoppable villain only known as the Masked Thief, appeared, he has been running rampant and stealing from the town’s wealthiest citizens. Today the Masked Thief has announced the most daring of all of his feats. Tonight, he is going to steal from the world headquarters of the world’s largest company, Consumer Corporation. In response Consumer Corps CEO William T Freeman has gathered together a team of the best and the brightest to attempt to stop this fiendish menace….or at least enjoy a free dinner.

Only Mighty Guests is a combination of Super Heroes, Food, Danger, Kids and More, much much more all thrown together to produce an anime themed LARP.