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Larp: The Borden Legacy

by Nickey Barnard, Philippa Dall, Dave Dorward, Clare Gardener Humankind lives in a world without existential uncertainties. The Great Old Ones are here among us and they give little regard for any individual human. Pray to them. Worship them. Hope that should their gaze fall upon you that it is a benevolent one. It is 1892. In the small Massachusetts town of Fall River such large concerns seem far away. All worship the Lord Dagon, of course, and his Progeny are respected members of the local community, but his dread gaze has never been drawn to your sleepy town in living memory. Many prominent citizens have gathered today in the house of the recently deceased Andrew Borden and his second wife Abby in order to hear the reading of Andrew Borden's will. There is a shadow over the family as one of the daughters of the house is stood accused of their murder. What is the truth of the crime? Who stands to gain and who to lose? And what will ultimately prove the stronger - family, blood or loyalty? The Borden Legacy is a game of intrigue, family drama and mystery set in a world where the Elder Gods have already won.
11-player maximum