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Larp: Kindling

by Natasha Borders, Jeff Steele, Benji Michalek Over 300 years ago, the Yellowstone supervolcano obliterated half the United States. Some survived by going underground. Your family descends from those that survived by creating a community in the Davis Square subway station of Boston. For several centuries your community has strived to rebuild your little piece of humanity, struggling to relearn lessons of the past. Recently, Davis Square has learned how to harness electricity again! This breakthrough brings light and warmth back into your homes, but shines a massive spotlight on your little community. Your tenuous existence is threatened by outside forces that wish to steal or snuff out the light. Can the spark of progress be rekindled, or will superstition--and safety--win the day? Kindling is a post-apocalyptic LARP which deals with superstition, survival, and human morality. You will assume a role of one of the citizens of Davis Square, on an average day in the life of the station. Davis Square is home to a variety of people, each carrying out their duties: the Elders who set forth the laws of the station and resolve disputes; the Ascended, who watch for any sign of witchcraft and pass judgement on anyone who is accused of wrongdoing; the Maintenance, who keep the aging walls of Davis Square from collapsing on its inhabitants; the Farmers, who tend the meager food crops and livestock; the Tradesmen, who conduct trade with the outside world and maintain stocks of supplies; the Caregivers, who take care of the sick, the elderly, and the young. Each group has their own worries and concerns, and there are never enough resources to go around. You will have to work with your fellow delegates or scheme against those you think are behaving selfishly or unfairly to make sure that your station survives another day. In the light of the recent water wheel discovery that has brought back the magic of electricity, life might get a tiny bit easier but what will the Ascendancy think about the miraculous lights which part the darkness of Davis Square? Casting for Kindling can be done prior to the game or during the introductions, so depending on how fast the event fills, we will do rolling casting so players can get familiar with the characters ahead of time! Our character sheets are one page long so you’re welcome to join us on the day of, as well.
8 to 20 players