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Larp: Athena's Chosen


The novices are locked in the holiest of holy in Athena’s temple. This final night you will be tested and tempted by the gods themselves. Will you have the faith to turn your back forever on family, love and desire to become an Exalted Virgin Priestess and finally have true power in the world of men? Or will you listen to the sweet temptations of wild Dionysus, the god of ritual madness and fertility, and leave with his free but shunned cultists. Maybe you will reject the gods, returning to your beloved but intensely patriarchal Ancient Arcadian Greece outside the temple walls. Your virginity, your soul, the patronymic name that your father branded into your very skin - you might lose them all tonight.

This larp uses physical space to direct players rather than time-bound act structures - as you walk into the different gods’ areas, their essence will influence your character.

All characters are female. Players of all genders (or none) are equally welcome.

THEMES: Power, lust, love, faith, choice, empowerment (in different ways).

6 to 18 players