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Larp: Just a Little Lovin'

1982: It was the summer AIDS came to New York City. Two group of friends from New York City celebrate the 4th of July in upstate New York. The 1970s have been a decade of women's liberation, youth rebellion, anti-war protests and sexual promiscuity. This changed America forever, but the early 1980s is also a time of a resurging conservative movement which President Ronald Reagan is the sunny face of. Gay men are migrating to New York to become part of the vibrant and hedonistic scene in Greenwitch Village. Unbeknownst to everyone however the HIV virus has started spreading in the city. An article in the New York Times last summer described a mysterious "gay cancer", but it's cause remains still unknown.
[from the 2017 run] Just a Little Lovin' is a live action role-playing (larp) event designed by Tor Kjetil Edland and Hanne Grasmo that explores the lives of people in alternative sexual and spiritual subcultures between 1982-1984 in Saratoga, New York during the initial onset of the AIDS crisis. Players enact the roles of individuals in a community mostly composed of LGBTQ+ people and cancer survivors. The characters are invited to a big gay 4th of July party in the early 1980s. Death arrives the morning after and the people in the scene have to face loss and fear of death. The party continues in the face of death and a party scene is transformed into a community. The larp explores the themes of desire, fear of death, and friendship over the course of six days. These six days include workshopping, play, debriefing, and educational speeches from AIDS activists. The larp explores an important time in LGBTQ+ history, is run by LGBTQ+ writers/organizers, and is told through the eyes of many LGBTQ+ characters. Just a Little Lovin' is also a larp that features cisgender heterosexual characters who are dealing with fear of death, loss, and community in their own context. Techniques Pre-larp Workshop Black Box Feather Play Phallus Monologue Safewords Act structure Contextualization