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Larp: Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000


10 years ago, Miskatonic University held its first (and last) 10th anniversary reunion. It did not, to say the least, go well. A few months later, it sent a second expedition to the Sumatran Jungle. That didn’t go so well either. And now, there is apparently to be another reunion. Welcome back…

Try to forget the storm that raged outside, and the insanity that gathered within. Try to forget the city that shouldn’t have existed. Try to forget the rat-thing with tentacles. Try to forget the gibbering madman. Or the other gibbering madman. Or even the third gibbering madman. Try to forget the lights and sounds. Try to forget everything – after all, if you don’t remember it, it can’t hurt you. Right?

Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000 is the sequel to both Miskatonic Class Reunion, run at Festival of the LARP ’07, and Miskatonic Archeological Expedition, run at Festival of the LARP ’08. While you do not need to have played in either of these games, this game does contain spoilers for both of them. MCR2k contains characters from both MCR and MAE who have been invited to a reunion 10 years after the original.

22 players