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Larp: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Elves of Yule

The Calendar Lands are in turmoil. Santa Claus has gone mad with power and is taking over the other Holidays one by one. Many of the monsters of Halloween now fight by his side, as do cupids of Valentines' Day, with their mighty bows. Who knows if the Easter Bunny has yet fallen? The mascots of the other holidays now gather at the entrance to Santa's lair to find a way to bring him down once and for all and win... the war on Christmas!
Cry Havok and Let Slip the Elves of Yule is a simple, basic dungeon-crawl style boffer LARP designed to introduce the Accelerant boffer rule system in a lighthearted way. This LARP will begin with a 1 hour tutorial teaching the Accelerant system, followed by 1 1/2 hours of gameplay. During the game, players will fight the minions of Christmas, solve puzzles and riddles, and bypass traps in order to unlock the key to defeating Santa once and for all! Players do not have to play melee fighters in order to participate; options will be available for people who prefer to focus on ranged combat (throwing bean bags from a distance), act as a healer, or focus on solving puzzles. (Players may also try any combination of these.) Costuming is not required but players are encouraged to make their characters' holidays identifiable. (This can be as simple as wearing green as a mascot of St. Patrick’s Day, or taping a paper heart to your shirt for Valentine’s Day.)