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Larp: The Initiation


A society of women untethered to space & time. You have been chosen to enter this sanctuary of sisterhood among the goddesses. You will play a primary character & additional roles.

Long ago when the universe was a swirl of dust, four entities merged their consciousnesses to create what we know as the physical world. Goddesses: Creation, Destruction, Reclamation, and Fortification. Four forces that make, break, rebuild, and strengthen. Immerton is where these goddesses reside, where they watch and teach, a place pilgrims and seekers discover, a place alive with the four forces. Every so often, a woman somewhere in the multiverse discovers Immerton. Welcome. In this freeform larp you will use ritual to explore identity, devotion, and sisterhood. The experience includes a rite of passage to devote yourself to your goddess, and the opportunity to choose one of seven Immerton vocations. It also features blackbox play where characters can experience past, present, future, or dream moments, and interactions with the goddesses. Includes workshops, play, and debrief.

This is a convention version of Immerton.

10 to 18 players