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Larp: Muscle Mayhem

by Stuart Stoddart Content Warnings: Drug abuse, public speaking/performing For years the American Pro-Wrestling scene has been dominated by two titans: The West Coast Wrestling Company (WCWC) and East Coast Epic Wrestling (ECEW). However, ECEW recently lost its two biggest stars when one jumped ship to WCWC and the other suffered a major injury. Now ECEW is in peril, and it looks like the wrestling wars are about to come to an end. But from strife comes opportunity. ECEW is planning one last major show to save its brand, and needs new talent to fill the gaps. The performers who have been stuck on the bottom of the roster finally have a chance to shine. Some will be looking to shoot to the top of the ECEW lineup – others simply want a chance to show off so that they can get a better offer when ECEW goes bust. But with clashing desires and old grudges threatening to rear their ugly head, can the cast and crew pull themselves together to save the company from extinction? This is a game about playing performers in the world of Professional Wrestling. Both wrestling and non-wrestling roles will be available. Players will NOT actually be wrestling beyond simple miming. The focus will be on the drama: the melodrama of on-stage performance, the real-life drama behind the scenes, and the way the line between the two can become blurred. This game is equally open to long-time wrestling fans and those who have no idea how it works – there will be an intro at the start of the game to cover what you need to know.
8 to 12 players