Your Last Day Here
@ 1 p.m.

Run at Phoenix 2018, Waipara, NZ.


by Tayla Jones and Ethan Gullery

Content Warnings: Death, zombies, weaponry.

“Emergency broadcast. Emergency broadcast. Evacuation of New York City. Docks, airports, tunnels, and bridges closed. Rooftop retrieval only. Send your coordinates on this frequency between 2100 and 2110 hours. Transportation to ship in open waters. Do not approach the dead. Bitten personnel will not be accepted onto rescue transports. Fuel low. This will be our last transport. If you do not make it: Godspeed.”

You are a group of survivors in New York City. You’ve fought your way through the hordes of the undead to the nearest skyscraper: the Elite Protoscience building. Hoping to find a radio transmitter here to send a signal to the emergency transports, you barricaded yourselves inside with the horde gathering outside. Can you find the radio, call for help and escape before you are overrun?