Larp: Veteran's Day


Come on in and have a seat at the bar. There are still a few tables open, if you'd prefer that. Just relax, take a load off, and put your mind at ease. The battle is over now and you don't have to fight any more. Here at the Wounded Warrior, we strive to make sure that all of your needs are met. You've earned your spot here with blood and warfare, the least we could do is make your stay comfortable. You will likely be here a while.

Just sit back and trade tales with your fellow former combatants. We try to keep this atmosphere friendly, but when former enemies are in the same room, the air can get a little tense. No matter, this is a no-fighting zone and our well-trained staff will stop any action before it starts. Everyone is welcome here, no matter whose banner they fought under.

So, come and join us here at the Wounded Warrior. This is a place where people have been dying to get in. Here at the Wounded Warrior, every day is Veteran's Day.

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Set in an afterlife based on real world events and wars, Veteran's Day is about social interactions, storytelling, and getting to know some universal truths, or truths from different perspectives.

6 to 13 players