So it Seems a Solstice
@ 4 p.m.
RPI, Troy, NY, USA

Run at Time Bubble 2018


by Melanie Saunders

It is the Solstice, and the nightless night has begun. Before it ends, the Spirits of the Wood will have remade the heavens anew. It is the Solstice, and the midnight sun watches from the horizon. The Wood waits, still and empty, as the spirits spin tales onto the loom of the sky. It is the Solstice, and the sky has been torn down.

So it Seems a Solstice is a 2-hour game for 8 players. All players will play animal spirits that will build stories into constellations, which will then be worked into a representation of the sky. There are lightweight mechanics and some player generated content.

  • There are no currently-known content warnings. In a general case, the game takes inspiration from mythology and fairy tales, which can have some dark themes. Players will generate content in game as well, which can introduce new themes if they choose.
  • A significant portion of the game will include improvisational exercises with myth-telling. Every character has goals to participate. Titles of myths are provided for pre-game preparation if desired.
  • The game revolves around cooperative solving of a physical puzzle and all players are expected to spend some amount of time interacting with the puzzle.
  • Character sheets average 5 pages, the rules and setting are 3 pages, and there are about 8 pages of reference material. Players will be expected to read their character sheet and the rules and setting document pre-game.