Into the Silent Sea

Wherever you were before, all you can see is a blurred and endless sea of stars and sea and fog, without direction or sanity.

Whatever ship you came here by is trapped, motionless, sliced open and hanging in this foggy void.

Whoever you once were, all you have of yourself now is vague impressions, driving thoughts, and the marks your life inscribed upon your body.

And sitting before you is a silver egg, and every time it rattles, fear trickles down your spine...

Into the Silent Sea, our (edited) 2018 Iron GM contest submission, is a sci-fi amnesia game about colliding realities, the ways in which circumstances transform identity, and bad decisions involving birds. There will be minimal costuming and pregame reading. This game deals with slavery, mind control, and the pitfalls of privilege, and contains some puzzles.