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Larp: Conspiracy of Ravens


Authors: Michael Von Korff and Thomas Lotze

Inspired by Castle of the Devil


There is a group of people who secretly rule the world. They have been called many things over time, and been seen through many lenses. The Rosicrucians; the Knights Templar; the Masons; the Illuminati. They are the secret masters. They are a very old society, and they are unimaginably powerful. In modern times, they are called the Conspiracy of Ravens.

Within this group, there have been powerful leaders who sought to change the direction of the Society and the world. Some of them succeeded, while others caused schisms and broke off into smaller factions. You are a member of one of these factions, wielding only small influence over the future.

But things that are so, even if they have always been so, may not remain so forever. The leader of the Conspiracy of Ravens, if anyone can be said to lead such a massive organization, is known only as The Devil. And The Devil has invited several members of these factions to join them at their castle. For the Conspiracy has lost its way, they say, and it is time to change the future of the world. They would see it changed, and they have offered you the opportunity to direct its course. The powers of the Devil are immense; they are offering you access to the resources of the Conspiracy, and the opportunity for your faction to lead its future. For this chance, you must risk everything.