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Larp: A Gentleman's Guide to Live Action Roleplaying: a 10 Bad LARPs Game


One night only -- as his grand finale in the world of LARPing, an expert teaches YOU (yes, you!) how to run Live Action Roleplaying Games.

For REASONS (tm), Foam Brain Games is running a very special 10 Bad LARPs game, featuring a mix of classic 10BL content and several new games that will teach you everything you need to know about Live Action Roleplaying Games. New content for this game will likely be run once and then never again.

This game is based on the popular "10 Bad LARPs" series of improv-style LARPs. Each game is made up of 10 back-to-back micro-LARPs, each 10 minutes long. Most action is resolved dramatically, similar to improv comedy, as opposed to via specific mechanics. Andrew may have drank heavily while writing parts or all of this game

There are several important notes about this game:

Like all 10 Bad LARP games, it's quite offensive and you shouldn't play if you take offense to well, anything. Seriously. This game is 18+ only. We will be precasting this game randomly. Some players will be sent and expected to memorize a short amount of text (and no, you will not be able to bring a printed copy or notes to the game). Significant portions of this game revolve around the meta-theme of an explanation of how to GM and run "The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste." This game is chock full of spoilers for it. Knowledge of it is extraordinarily helpful for playing this game. We'll send out a reminder sheet ahead of time of the major characters and plot. If you have haven't played Mary Celeste, this probably isn't the game for you. Honestly, it's probably the better game anyway." No paper or game materials from this game are allowed to leave with you. All you may keep are the memories of that which you have seen. Portions of the material in this game are presented under license from Alleged Entertainment.

10 to 12 players