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Larp: Broken Wings


by Joseph Wiegartner

When people first discovered that they could gain superpowers from forging a connection with certain animals, they endeavored to keep this fact secret from the world and formed small, tight knit communities-typically based around what animals they bonded to. The community of “Birds of a Feather” had members that were bonded to flying birds. After the death of it’s de facto leader in a massive battle in a city, BoaF needs to decide how it will be dealing with his complicated legacy, how to deal with other groups going forward, who they should let into their group, and what to do as the public starts to learn about the bonds and powers.

“Broken Wings” is a 4-hour larp about birds, superpowers, and communities tearing themselves apart and trying to put themselves back together. Player characters will have close relationships with a single animal companion (usually a bird, sometimes propped using a stuffed animal) and various relationships with other characters, some of them toxic.

13-player maximum