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Larp: Shades


by Adrien Kemper and Max Tanner

When the shadows began to invade, destroying minds and lives in their wake, it seemed as if the world was defenseless. Dark spirits from a world beyond humanity's understanding seemed destined to take over. But other creatures from that world, the Spirits, reached out and found like souls in a precious few. The Spirits gave them powers with which they could fight the shadows, and the first Spirit Bearers were born.

Seven years have passed; the Spirit Bearers have kept the shadows at bay, symbols of light in the darkness. For most, they present the only saviors humanity has against those that would destroy us.

But even heroes can fail.

For the first time in many years, all of the Spirit Bearers have been called together. And surely, with all their might combined, they can solve any problem posed to them.


Shades is a 14-person theatrical LARP written by Adrien Kemper focusing on friendship and romance, mentorship and individualism, and the separation of good and evil. It also looks at gender and gender identity, fate, dying, and legacy. It is over all, though, a game about young adults trying to find their place in the world and among each other, and having super powers.

14-player maximum