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Larp: NWM: The Council of Five


by Mike Young, Maury Brown, Ben Morrow

The Council of Five is comprised of the Arch Justices who rule the five provinces of the magical communities of North America. They meet infrequently to decide policy that binds all the provinces.

In the past few months, it has become apparent that Avernus, the prison used to hold the magical community's most dangerous criminals, is beset with problems. Rumors of mistreatment persist, up to and including torture of prisoners. And several months ago there was a massive riot and breakout and some reports indicate the strange non-human guards of the prison may have instigated it.

The Hudson Company that runs the privately-owned prison claims that they have everything under control or that the rumors are grossly exaggerated and flat out lies. But as Arch Justices, you have a responsibility to get to the bottom of the matter.

This larp will be split into two parts. In the first part, as Arch Justices, you will have the opportunity to grill a representative of the Hudson Corporation (played by the event runner) and in the second part of the larp, you will have the opportunity to discuss the fate of Avernus and decide the policy going forward.

4 to 7 players