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Larp: Snowrise


by Anandi Gandolfi and Andy Kirschbaum

Long after almost everyone stopped believing in them, the Gods returned.

As before, they appeared as idea and not flesh. As before, the earliest Gods to appear were strange-formed, fresh from the Chaos of Is and Is Not. As before, there were early believers who became priests and carried the idea, viral and contagious, of divinity. As before, the coming of the Gods changed not only the way humans think, but also the very structure of their brains. But all is not as before.

This time the Gods appeared first in that endless high tech virtual realm that humans had created for themselves to play in. In the Virtual Realm, humans are all-powerful, both creators and masters of the digital landscape, this world is their plaything. But the Gods weren’t playing. They were returning.

But humans are powerful now and their thoughts are not easily turned to worship. How will these newly reborn infinite beings combine and interact with the ancient and powerful mortals who now hold the wisdom of the age?

Join us for an exploration of humanity by way of divinity in a Mythic Punk Virtual Reality future. Inspired by Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash, informed by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, expanded by Ernest Kline’s Ready Player 1, and echoing elements of Summerian Myth and Legend. Snowrise is an 18+ Mythic Punk LARP.

23 to 28 players