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Larp: Thicker than Water

by Kristen Patten & Alison Joy Schafer She craved the type of passion that even brought the devil down to his knees. The year is 1929. As Valentine’s Day gives way to night, an uneasy crowd fills the jazz joints and speakeasies of Chicago. Seven bootleggers lie dead, casualties of a never-ending war for control of the Windy City. Between the north side and the south side lies the Afterlife, an up-and- coming secret speakeasy where sinners gather to chase away their demons — and where some say that the blood in the streets attracts a darker and more dangerous clientele. The Afterlife is full to the gills with jazz and liquor, crime and sex, and peopled by pocket politicians, dirty cops, mobsters, as well as monsters of a different sort...In a city torn apart, how long will family ties hold? Come on down to Sachs Sons Cobbler, an old shoe repair store on Maxwell Street in the heart of Chicago. Beyond the entrance of the quaint shop is an unmarked wooden door. A single candle is lit outside when the underground club is open - which is usually every dusk until dawn.
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