Glastonbury: A Soap Opera in Dance
@ 2 p.m.

Run at Intercon R, Warwick, RI


by Kate Freedman and Kat Jones

Glastonbury Tor in England: home both to King Arthur, and to the epic annual bacchanalia of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll known as the Glastonbury Festival. Five days. Two hundred thousand people. And this year, you’re there to entertain them!

You play the musicians and hangers-on backstage – the center of the action (and the melodrama!) at the Festival. What happens when a diverse group of musicians – brooding rockers, aging divas, and ambitious pop-stars (and their groupies and managers!) – have to spend five days together in tents? You’re about to find out. Or rather, you’re about to dance it out!

Glastonbury: A Soap Opera in Dance uses music and dance to help players express characters' thoughts and emotions. Dancing is included in the larp but will be opt-in. Music and dance will allow characters to communicate the things that words can't express. Players who choose to play performers will "perform" in character during the festival and can choose to lipsync or actually sing.

This game includes adult themes (potential drug use, potential suicide, consensual sexual situations, and mental illness) and is 18+