Aes Sidhe

by Michael Oldziej, Dawn Daigneault

In the Modern Era, the Faire Folk of Ireland gather at the Standing Stones for a historical meeting of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to talk about one thing: How to survive in the modern era. Some of the Fae have taken new routes in their life, others cling to the old ways, but one thing is certain, they will not last long if no change is made. The World has forgotten the Fae, and their power is dwindling, they will not surivive long if something is not done, although the Fair Folk are not all so quick to change. As such the Seelie and Unseelie Courts led by Oberon and Titania and Queen Mab have decided to talk at the Standing Stones to discuss what is to be done in these troubled times. Will the Courts merge? Will they find new ways to adapt to the modern world? Or will they continue along the old roads?

This is a Dark fantasy LARP where players will assume the role of Fae and possibly other creatures gathered for a meeting hosted by the Seelie Court's own Oberon and Titania. Fae culture is very different than that of mortals, and many of the Faire Folk will find it impossible to tell lies, only speak in their half truths. Characters will be Fae, most from legend but with several less familiar. Some few other races may also be represented, both Human and… others, of far different power.