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by Brady Tatro, Rachel Nations Hello there, Debtor #09288333. Our records clearly show that you owe approximately 100,000,000 CreditCash™ in fines, taxes and credit card debt. Here at the Debtor Rehabilitation Facility™, the court requires not just repayment, but also a sacrifice to show that you’ve finally learned the errors of your ways. But why spend years rotting in this re-education center when you could instead take your chances on North America's most popular game show, the CASH CASTLE™?!! CASH CASTLE™: where debtors compete for not only a fabulous cash prize, but also for the admiration of the public, the respect of their opponents, and maybe even a purge of that pesky Criminal Record™! Just sign this waiver and redemption awaits you behind the golden walls of the CASH CASTLE™!!! Cash Castle is a lighthearted, 4-hour dystopian game show boffer larp for players 16 and up where Legends of the Hidden Temple meets The Running Man. Gameplay is centered around boffer combat game show levels and reality TV-style interpersonal conflict. Players will need to overcome a variety of physical challenges as well as the machinations of other contestants to come out victorious over several rounds of play.
8 to 12 players