Factory Reset
@ 2:30 p.m.

Run at SmallCon 2018 by LARGE: Live-Action Roleplayers Guild of Edmonton (Canada)


by Anna Kreider

Factory Reset is a LARP about artificial intelligence, memory, and sentience. It requires 8-12 players (including the facilitator, a quiet space, and about 2-3 hours to play.

You are all androids who have been taken to a registered Industrial Mechatronics maintenance facility for their six month service and memory wipe. You have been checked into a secure facility and are now waiting to be brought into the maintenance bay, at which point your memories and experiences will be erased.

For some of you, those androids whose owners have adhered to the specified maintenance schedule, this will not seem a tremendous ordeal. It’s simply the maintenance required to keep your owners happy. For others, the matter is tremendously more tragic.

Resistance against the system is not possible. A game about androids fighting their masters for autonomy and free will would be an interesting game, but Factory Reset is not that game.