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Larp: Breadcrumbs

by Ashleigh La Porta & Laura Boylan Who we are is marked by a trail of breadcrumbs. Moments of memory, leaving a winding trail back to the first moments we remember - this is the path we can see in our mind’s eye, the string of memory tied to the door-post of our lives. When those breadcrumbs blow away, what is left of who you are? What happens when the string marking your path catches fire? Breadcrumbs is a four-hour live combat secrets & powers LARP about losing your way and working out what really matters to you. In Breadcrumbs, players can expect to do the following: Live combat, though it is not the focus of the game Puzzle-solving Sorting out conflicting information to determine the “truth” Debating various courses of action Emotional one-on-one conversations While this is a live combat game, we welcome folks with little or no boffer experience. If you are new to boffer and curious about it, please come try it out!
12-player maximum