Explosion in Space
@ 8 p.m.

Run at Intercon R, Warwick, RI


by Anna Konovalenko and Alexey Semenov

The Galina Balashova is a commercial torch freighter making the profitable run between Moon and Earth, as well as occasional jaunts into deep space as far as Mars. You are her crew and passengers on a routine run back to Earth. A journey that will never be completed.

In twenty minutes, the Galina Balashova will suffer a catastrophic reactor failure. The ship will explode and every soul upon it will be flung into space. With only an hour of atmosphere in each Pressure Suit, and no hope for rescue or survival, it is only a matter of time.

Explosion in Space is a game about dying in space. Themes include isolation, regret, loss, and death. Part of the game is played in total or near total darkness, and requires that players lay on the ground.