Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
@ 8 p.m.

Run at Intercon R, Warwick, RI


by Katherine Bryant and Erika Emrick

Something has gone very wrong on Broadway.

It all seemed fine; your lover had been found, or maybe lost, whatever the storyline said. Maybe you were just about to confront the villain, or sing your big solo, or reconcile with your long lost parent...

...then everything went black. Now here you are with a bunch of people you don’t recognize (and a few you do). What has happened? Why don’t some of the people you recognize seem to know you? And where’s that happy ending (or ambiguous modern ending, depending on your show) that you were promised?

This game brings together characters from a variety of Broadway classics, old and new. Will they be able to sort out their tangled storylines, and figure out what’s really going on behind the scenes?

This game includes substantial amnesia elements, and all is not as it first appears. Knowledge of Broadway musicals will probably make the game more enjoyable, but is not strictly necessary. (No singing required.) An appreciation of what goes into making theater happen may also help you enjoy the game.

This game is roleplay-heavy, with minimal mechanics, and is focused on interactions between the characters, with some problem-solving in the mix as well as the amnesia elements.

We are not aware of content that is likely to be difficult; some characters will have experienced violence or difficult relationships in the storylines they are from, but no sexual violence, and there shouldn’t be any issues in game. If there are specific issues of concern, please contact the GM. All ages welcome, though some characters will not be appropriate for those under 18.

While most characters are gendered, we welcome players of any gender to play characters of any gender.

This game was inspired by the game “Broadway’s on the Rocks” (cowritten by one of this game’s authors), but it is different enough that having played that game will not spoil this one.