Easy as Robbing a Bank
@ 1 p.m.

Run at Intercon R, Warwick, RI


by Aaron Vanek

The robbery should have taken less than 10 minutes. Four hours later it was a media madhouse. Eight hours later it was a national event. Twelve hours later, it was history.

Inspired by a real NYC bank robbery in August 1972 and the subsequent movie Dog Day Afternoon, this larp explores the issues raised from the true incident while emulating--not re-enacting--the real event. Other than the premise (spoiler! It's a bank robbery!), what happens in the larp does not have to follow what happened in the movie nor real life. Can things end differently? The first ten minutes of the larp is a scripted scene (just the actions, not the dialogue), but after that the players control their destinies. No familiarity with the film or the actual robbery expected, nor are there penalties if you do know.

This larp features minimal mechanics and (hopefully) maximum drama. Expect a serious tone with, perhaps, a few comedic elements.