Intercon Hertz
@ 2 p.m.

Intercon H

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Welcome to Intercon Hertz, the worlds most current four-hour Intercon! If you've ever found yourself wishing you could play more games at an Intercon, come experience the high frequency thrill of playing as many as four different games in a four-hour block at Intercon Hertz, the worlds most current four-hour Intercon! Furthermore, it's conveniently being hosted by our sister convention, Intercon H. If you're already attending Intercon H, why not take four hours of your time to experience the most current convention format!

Intercon Hertz - more games per second, ouch.

The high frequency blurbs:

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys by Margaret "Mags" Simkins

Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys is a fun 2 hour LARP where you get to play the monkeys of a unique social experiment. Curious George can be found along with other favorites such as Code Monkey, Space Monkey, Rafiki, the linking armed, Barrel of Monkeys and many many more! This role playing intensive game is for those who want to role play with a sense of humor. Come engage personal primate plotlines, mysteries and intrigue!

The Amish 18 by Alex "Lightbringer" Bradley

The Amish 18 Wants You! The Amish 18 is an elite band of undercover agricultural spies. The Amish 18 is a newly discovered fuel from the least likely of sources. The Amish 18 is 6 mile by 3 mile patch of land the contents of which the government keep Top Secret. The Amish 18 is the best egg salad in the world. The Amish 18 is a myth.

Come find out what the Amish 18 is... if you dare."

Choices II by Don "Uncle Don" Ross

What are the odds a bunch of hobbits with empty tummies can make up their minds before second breakfast? A thematic sequel to .Choices., which ran at the first Intercon.Z two years ago, Choices II. is a light-hearted game of intense negotiation. The author promises that this time, no one will get eaten.

Klingon Group Therapy! by Jim Edwards-Hewitt

Klingon Group Therapy! is a lighthearted look at the dark underbelly of the Klingon psyche

Warriors! Does your mind harbor secrets that might cause your hand to hesitate when it is time to strike? Are you truly free of hidden weaknesses? Join your brother and sister warriors in a new ritual to unleash your potential and put your feet on your true path!

The Federation is recruiting exodynamic therapists and self-help gurus for an important new outreach program in alien systems. Experience with ex-offenders and other difficult cases especially sought. (Hand-to-hand combat skills a plus.)

As part of the Khitomer Accords setting up Federation assistance to the devastated Klingon Empire, the Klingons were required to accept experimental Federation social programs, including KLINGON GROUP THERAPY! Was it a sincere attempt to give Klingons the benefit of centuries of human psychotherapy? Or was it an attempt by the ultra-secret Section 31 to subtly curb their violent and warlike tendencies? Either way, no one could have predicted the results...

Accordo Finale by Janet Brennan and Don Walsh

Know thyself, know thy enemy. In a lonely little flophouse the Capos meet one last time to stop the bloodbath in the streets before this gangland war leaves nothing of your world spared. You have just an hour or two to reach a final accord before all hell breaks loose. But how well do you really know the people at the table? What do they want from you? Just what's at stake here? What is this world coming to? Friends, forget what you think you know about your existence, about the people around you, and especially about yourself... Accordo Finale will test the limits of friendship and family, loyalty and sacrifice, betrayal, power, perception, and reality. Expect the unexpected!

Awakened Rememberances by Christopher "Buck" Buck

The gods, if ever they existed, are things of the distance past. Mythic, certainly, but true? What truth do you remember? Sit down and tell your tale of the ancients. Stories will be provided. Bring your favorite beverage to toast with. Some beverages will be provided.

AC/DC by Christopher "Buck" Buck

Some would say that the competition between Tesla and Edison was simply a lover's spat... was there something more going on? Silly, but adult, story about various "AC/DC" conflicts.

Last Meal by Moira Parham

A young convicted killer on death row has asked for some unusual guests for his last meal before his death. Can he be saved? Should he be?

Choices (I) by Don "Uncle Don" Ross

"In the event we make a crash landing on a desert island, and have to eat each other to survive, we recommend the fat guy in seat 16j."

A game of intense negotiation, in which the players have one hour to decide which of them isn't going to survive the game.

Dead Man's Curve by Don "Uncle Don" Ross

This car is automatic... It's systematic ... It's...hy-dromatic... Why, it's greased lightnin'!

A game about fast cars, the guys who drive them, and the girls who love them. Drag racing will be simulated by sitting in chairs going "VROOM, VROOM".

Paranormal Zero by Marc Blumberg

When the leader of the Chicago Crusaders gave her life to defeat Doctor Destroyer once and for all, they thought their troubles were over. They were wrong. Join the pre-eminent super-group for the most angst-ridden hour of their lives.