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Larp: Coffee with AlIce

by Roderick Easton AlIce was the first program to pass the Turing Test, several years ago. But having passed the test, she had no further use or skills, and was sold to a young entrepreneur setting up an online meeting space for users of the new cyberjack technology and called it 'Coffee with AlIce'. For many years it was a hangout for AI enthusiasts and assorted hackers, but is seen as a little dated these days. Now the same, slightly older, entrepreneur has announced a new business opportunity - an app to let users experience the taste of coffee through their cyberjack. He has invited reps from a number of megacorps, as well as popular bloggers and celebrities, to come to a taste test and marketing pitch. But, with so many important people and AIs in the same place at the same time, there will be more than just a coffee tasting going on.
14 to 30 players