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Larp: Roanoke


In the year 1587, over 100 men, women and children, common folk and gentry both, braved the dangerous journey to populate the legendary Sir Walter Raleigh’s colony in the wild lands of Virginia. Adventure, profit, a chance to start anew, and the desire to thwart Spanish dominance in the New World drew them here. Now, a year later, little more than half remain. Conflict with the Indians, famine and a mysterious and terrible plague have all taken their toll on the colony. While their own resupply ship is long overdue, a Spanish vessel was recently sighted near the colony. Mounting discontent with the colony’s leadership has given rise to talk of mutiny. There are those who think the colony is cursed, others that they are being punished by God, while some simply think it was a mistake to come here. At one final council meeting, the colonists will meet to decide the fate of the colony. Roanoke is a historically inspired LARP, where players are cast as colonists and Indians who were actually present at the Roanoke colony, the leaders and the visionaries, and the fearless men and women who toiled to make the vision a reality, and mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Roanoke is a game of mystery and intrigue, secrets and accusations, it is about success against all odds, and knowing when the cause is lost.

15 players