Last Boat Leaving
@ 2 p.m.

Run at InterCon S, Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RI, USA


by Tony Mitton

Rural Oregon, 1982. It's been 1982 for so long now that you've given up wondering why this might be. Is this Heaven, or Hell, or somewhere in between? Life goes on in Silent Valley; love flourishes and withers or becomes a lasting bond; dislike festers into hatred or is forgotten; relationships change slowly but constantly. There's plenty to do here without ever leaving the valley - and nobody ever leaves.

Tonight you are gathered with all of Silent Valley's few inhabitants in the New Tavern. A great storm - worse than any you can remember - has driven you all to seek shelter together in the hamlet's newest structure. The town Deputy was murdered last night and is demanding answers. You have questions of your own, and decision to make.

Everything, even 1982, ends one day. And you sense, somehow, a change in the air. Perhaps the reckoning has come at last. Your friends, your enemies, your lovers; have you made the right choices? Is there more that can be said?

Last Boat Leaving is a game at least partially about relationships, small group dynamics and acceptance over time of the very strange. It's extremely loosely inspired by books, shows and movies like Lost, Dark City and (just to be pretentious) One Hundred Years of Solitude, but mainly reflects some ideas I've become interested in recently. Plus it will hopefully be fun.