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Larp: Second Watch

by James Bloodworth, Steve Hatherley, Alli Mawhinney, Ric Mawhinney and Laura Wood This is a sci-fi horror freeform inspired by movies Alien, Event Horizon, Pitch Black, and Signs. This game contains themes of suspense and horror, exploring relationships out in deep space. You are working for a corporation which is taking colonists from Earth to New Eden to start again as Earth is no longer fit for habitation. Along with another watch you alternate work in a one year cycle over 25 years and are currently half way to your destination. You have just finished your latest cryo cycle and have woken up in the recovery room with the rest of Second Watch to start a fairly tedious job. Remembering some of the arguments and antics that went on during the last Watch you feel that watch might need the psychological officer more than ever.
10-player maximum