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Larp: Backstage Ink

Actors have their screen personas and their real life ones. Betcha didn't know that the same thing goes for your favorite cartoons! Rainbow Brite HAS to be popping SOMETHING to stay so happy, and we're pretty sure Grumpy Bear has fallen off the wagon - AGAIN. Poor Strawberry Shortcake is about ready to pop - her diabetes is out of control, and she's surrounded by sugary treats all day. Last week? They found her in a closet with a cupcake! He-Man and Cheer Bear are in an on-phase in their on again, off again relationship and it's only a matter of days before he takes up with Smurfette again, leaving Cheer Bear crying in the hallway. In Backstage Ink, you play the part of a beloved cartoon character as they wait to go on the air.
16 to 36 players