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Larp: Noble Cause


by Claire Ryder and David Cartwright

The world is changing. Old powers are stirring. There is a feeling of unease among the Supernatural communities, that something or someone out of sight is manipulating events on a universal scale. Even the Gods and the Fae Queens are worried. And always, when they talk of impending change, they look towards the Outer Gates. It could be that this party is at the precipice of some terrible game-changing event.

Queen Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness and Queen of the Winter/Unseelie Court of the Fae, is throwing a Masquerade ball in honour of the Winter Solstice. The Summer Court will be present to hand over the mantle to Winter as it comes into ascendance. Another function of this ball is to gather interested parties to the signing of the Unseelie Accords of a new signatory. The Paranet, a collection of low-level magical practitioners, wish to become signatories to the Accords. Sides will be heard, and votes will be cast. Queen Mab, as the keeper of the Accords, presides over this decision.

This will mostly be an information gathering and political game. People can switch sides, make and break alliances. History and technology are the same in this game as they are at present in the world. This game is set in the universe according to the Dresden Files. The supernatural world exists within the mortal world, and is not making any attempt to hide, but the majority of people do not want to know that magic and monsters are real, and that they are so hopelessly outclassed by them, and so they close their eyes to it.

Although this game is set in the Dresdenverse, Harry Dresden will not be appearing, and nor will any of the other characters from the books, [with the exception of Mab, who will appear very briefly played by a GM]. For readers, this game takes place during the timeline of events in Small Favours, but on the opposite side of the Atlantic, far from where those events are happening.

The Accords are the deep magics of hospitality, and will be explained in detail in the game material. The basics are that no-one can get hurt unless they consent to it. Duels can be agreed and fought, but they can also be refused. Anyone who breaks the rules will be subjected to the full and extensive wrath of Queen Mab herself. If a signatory to the Accords breaches them, Queen Mab may choose to remove their signature. [This means that character death will not occur without some very serious consequences]

18 to 28 players